Wayb Pico Travelling Car Seat: A Review

Whether you’re a new parent or an experienced one, your kids’ safety is likely to be your biggest concern. Anyone that’s not living under a rock knows that car crashes are among the leading causes of serious and fatal injuries across all age groups. However, as a responsible parent there are a number of things you can do to minimize this risk for your child. Choosing the right car safety seat is one of those things. Expert opinions and parent experiences have often referred to the WAYB Pico travelling car seat as a game changer.

The CDC recommends using a car seat when travelling in a vehicle as it can reduce the risk of death by around 70%. However, it is important for parents to take their kid’s age, weight, height, and even special needs (such as psychiatric conditions and weight disorders) into consideration when choosing a car seat. In addition, it is also important to consider the ease with which a seat can be installed and removed. A properly installed seat can further reduce the risk of death, however some reports suggest that less than a third of all car seats in use have been installed correctly. This review takes an in-depth look into why car seats are important, and what the WAYB Pico Travelling Car Seat has to offer.

Why is a car seat so important?

  1. Protection – The primary reason for using a car safety seat is to add an extra (or several) layer of protection to a child in a vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer and car seat model, some of these features may include side padding, reinforced frames, safety harnesses, flame retardant fabrics etc.
  2. Legal Requirements – Almost all US States and territories have some legislation mandating the use of some kind of a car safety seat for a child. Many of them have laws that require the use of different types of car seats depending on the child’s age, weight or size.
  3. Peace of Mind – An often overlooked aspect of using a car seat is the peace of mind it provides to the parents and other passengers. Knowing the child is safely strapped-in means that parents can focus on the driving.
  4. Types of Car Seats – Some of the commonly used types of car seats include rear-facing, forward facing, convertible, booster, and all-in-one seats. The type of car seat you use depends on the different physical and even psychological needs of your child. Here is a brief guide:
  5. Rear-facing – Experts recommend using this for at least 2 years, or until the child exceeds the manufacturer’s weight and height limitations.
  6. Forward-facing – This is for a child that does not fit the rear-facing weight and height limitations anymore. This should be used until a child is old enough to be placed in a booster seat.
  7. Convertible Seats – These are seats that can be used as rear-facing as well as forward facing depending on the needs of the child.
  8. Booster Seat – These may be harness-booster or belt-booster seats and should be used when a child outgrows the forward-facing car seat option.
  9. All-in-One Seat – These are seats that can be used at the different stages of the child’s growth and have multiple modes of use.

Wayb Pico Travelling Car Seat: A Detailed Review

Parents often have a love/hate relationship with car seats. On one hand they can be too big, too small, too expensive, too heavy, and/or too difficult to install and remove. On the other hand, you need them to keep your child safe and comfortable. This dilemma is even more problematic for parents that are frequent travelers or frequent flyers. So it is no surprise that it was a group of parents that came up with a solution. The WAYB Pico car seat was designed by a group of parents with the relevant experience and technical expertise. The funding for the development of the seat was initially generated by a crowd funding campaign.

Title: WayB Pico Car Seat - Description: Car Travelling Seat

Travelling parents already have enough to worry about. You have to carry your luggage, your kids, snacks and a seemingly countless number of things to keep the child fed, occupied and entertained in addition to the needs of the trip itself. Adding a car seat to the list of things you need to remember, carry, store or buy seems can feel like a burden (literally and figuratively). If you plan to rent a car seat when you arrive at your destination, it is important to consider the associated, and unnecessary, risks. The seat may not be the right fit, you have no idea about its history and hygiene conditions, and you have no idea (unless you’re an expert) if the seat is safe to travel in. Also while regulations do not require you to use a seat during air travel (thanks to airline lobbying), you should still consider taking a seat along for your child’s safety. If you’re worried about costs, airlines often give discounted rates or sometimes may even let the child travel for free. However, in the battle of cost versus safety, safety should always win.                 The WayB Pico was designed and engineered keeping all this in mind. It made waves when it was released – not only because of its features but also because of how it was funded, developed and advertised.

Product Highlights

  1. It is a forward-facing seat (only).
  2. For a child aged 1 and beyond. However, WAYB recommends waiting until the child is 2 years old or is between 22 and 50 lbs in weight or is between 30 and 45 inches in height.
  3. The seat is incredibly lightweight – just 8 lbs.
  4. It can be folded. This makes it easier to store or travel with.
  5. 1 shoulder harness position.
  6. 1 crotch buckle position.
  7. It is FAA approved.
  8. Frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum.
  9. Seat is made of Astroknit mesh material – does not overheat in the summer.
  10. Available in 4 colors/designs.
  11. Slim enough to fit in convertible/sports vehicles.
  12. Can be installed using the LATCH system or using the car’s seatbelt and top tether.


  1. Seat Width – 14.75 inches at its widest point
  2. Seat Height (Lowest Headrest Position) – 22.75 inches
  3. Seat Height (Highest Headrest Position) – 27.75 inches
  4. Seat Depth – 15.25 inches
  5. Harness Height – 16.6 inches
  6. Seat Weight – 8 inches
  7. Installation Features – LATCH, 1 belt path, 2 red guides on the frame
  • Weighing only 8 lbs, it is one of the most lightweight seats in the market. This makes it easier to carry and travel with.
  • It is compact in size. Three of these can easily fit in the back seats of most vehicles. The seat can also be used in convertible/sports vehicles.
  • The WAYB Pico car seat is easily foldable. It becomes even more compact and, therefore, can fit in some types of bags and suitcases, in the boot of most vehicles and in most overhead luggage compartments in planes.
  • As the seat is so light weight, compact and foldable, it can be transported between vehicles with ease.
  • It is approved by and meets standards set by the FAA, JPMA and ASTM.
  • It offers some degree of side impact protection.
  • Parts of this car seat can be removed easily and washed in a machine. They are also dryer safe.
  • It is made of premium mesh fabric that allows some ventilation and prevents the seat from overheating.
  • The frame is made of strong aerospace grade aluminum.
  • The Pico is available in multiple colors.
  • It is, both, LATCH and seat belt compatible.
  • It comes with a travel bag to store the seat in when not in use. Not only does this make it easier to travel with, but the bag itself is made of recycled materials and, therefore, easy on the environment.
  • It is designed for parents, by parents.
  • It can only be used as a forward facing seat and, therefore, cannot be used for newborns or for children that exceed the weight and height limits set by the manufacturer.
  • It has pricier than some other forward-facing car seat options.
  • Only 1 shoulder harness position.
  • Only 1 crotch buckle position.
  • Weight and height limits are lower than a few of its competitors.

Areas for Improvement and Verdict

While the cons mentioned above show some areas where the seat can improve, there is one area where the seat is found to be lacking. WAYB should consider adding a grab handle to make it easier to grab the seat and carry it between vehicles or when boarding or exiting a plane. However, it should be noted that most experts and parents will find problems in almost all seats if they look hard enough. No seat is perfect. However, the WAYB PICO outshines most of the competition as far as forward facing seats are concerned. It is a premium product that offers a range of safety features for the child, convenience for the parents and does not compromise on comfort.

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