10 Best Car Seat Toys for Infants – Keep Your Child Safe and Entertained

Responsible parents are aware of the benefits of putting a child in a car seat – infants are not. Some infants might feel restrained and uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the seat is comfortable. Also, car rides can be long, tiring and boring. This can result in a child being restless. A restless child increases safety risks. So how can parents ensure that their child remains entertained and occupied? Toys are the answer. This article lists the 10 best car seat toys for infants.

How To Keep Your Child Safe And Happy In A Car Seat?

Most parents have faced this situation – All of a sudden, you need to travel and have been unable to make care arrangements for your child. As a result you need to take your infant with you. Very few infants are likely to enjoy being confined to their car seats. This, in fact, is indicative of their development. However, a restless, bored and confined child is likely to create a ruckus. The longer the trip, the bigger the problem. After all, crying is the primary way for infants to communicate their needs. However, there’s a lot you can do to keep your child safe, comfortable and entertained. Here are a few tips:

  • Choose the right seat for your child. Make sure it meets the age, weight and height recommendations for your infant.
  • Make sure that the child is strapped in tightly. A tightly strapped 5-point harness emulates swaddling and is likely to comfort a child enough to put them to sleep. Also, a tighter fit means that the child is unable to move enough to compromise safety.
  • Choose the right time to travel. Although this may not always be possible, it can make a difference to travel at a time when your child is well fed or when the child is likely to sleep during the ride.
  • Try to regulate the vehicle’s temperature. Ensure that the child is not too hot or cold. Keep in mind that most car seats are designed to keep the child warm to adjust the temperature accordingly.
  • Talk to your child. While an infant may not understand what you say, studies prove that they can recognize their parents’ voices and are comforted by them. You can even sing songs or lullabies.
  • Play soothing music. This is soothing for, both, you and your baby.
  • Keep soft and car-safe toys within your baby’s reach. Bring vibrant, engaging and stimulating toys to keep your child occupied and entertained in the car seat. However, toys can pose some safety risks so follow the safety tips at the end of this article.

10 Best Car Seat Toys for Infants

1. Lamaze Mortimer the Moose

This is an ideal toy to keep your child entertained. It can also be a thoughtful gift for friends and family. It is an extremely soft toy that your baby will love to touch, hold, and snuggle with. It has a squeaky tummy that provides auditory stimulation when squeezed. The antlers can be used as teethers. Mortimer the Moose is a developmental toy that mixes entertainment with learning and development. It has a satin, colorful and knotty legs with multiple textures that engage multiple senses.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Soft – your baby will enjoy touching and hugging it
  • Squeaks when squeezed
  • Tail rings make engaging sounds
  • Vibrant colors and textures
  • Premium feel
  • Audio and Visual Stimulation
  • Antlers double as teethers
  • Satin, colorful and knotty legs
  • Mix entertainment with learning and development
  • Clip-on toy – can be hooked to strollers, carriers and bags

2. Manhattan Toys’ Baby Whoozit

The Manhattan Toys’s Baby Whoozit is the recipient of multiple awards and is a favorite for babies throughout the world. It is a soft multi-sensory activity toy that has been entertaining babies since it first launched in 2003. It features vibrant colors and shapes that can help your baby learn. It features a squeaker, crinkle paper, loops, and a hidden and child-safe mirror. It can be easily attached to cribs, car seats, carriers, and strollers and are, therefore, a great toy to travel with.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Recipient of multiple awards
  • Long and proven history – a favorite since 2003
  • Vibrant colors to grab your baby’s attention
  • Multiple shapes, patterns and textures to help your child learn while engaging their attention for longer
  • Squeaks when squeezed
  • Soft materials
  • Child-safe mirror hidden under the toy’s nose
  • Can be attached to cribs, carriers, strollers and car seats
  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Rigorously tested for safety (CPSC, ASTM, EN71 and Health Canada safety standards)
  • A dedicated helpline for customer support
  • Recommended for 3 months and older
  • Note: This toy is not machine washable.

3. Buckle Toys Buster Square

The Buster Square is a uniquely designed toy that has multiple bright colors to grab your child’s attentions. It has g child-friendly buckles with different clasping styles. It is great for helping toddlers develop their motor and cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and problem solving skills. Toddlers can learn to snap and click, while also learning about numbers, shapes and animals. The small size allows it to fit easily in small hands. It can be clipped on to strollers, cribs, highchairs, car seats and diaper bags.

It comes with a pouch that can be opened and closed with an easy-glide zipper.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Recommended for 1 to 4 year olds
  • Unique design – meant for versatile utility
  • Bright colors, shapes, numbers and animals to help your child learn
  • 6 child-friendly buckles with different clasping styles
  • Helps your child develop a wide variety of skills – cognitive, motor, and problem solving skills
  • Builds hand eye coordination
  • Provides multiple activities to engage your child for a longer period of time
  • Small size – your baby can handle it with ease
  • Comes with a convenient pouch – can be used to store other toys and snacks
  • Easy glide zipper – your baby can zip and unzip without your help
  • Can be clipped on to strollers, cribs, highchairs, car seats etc.

4. Infantino Hugh and Tug Musical Giraffe

This toy features a giraffe head accompanied by a range of shapes, colors and patterns that help you child learn and grow. It is incredibly soft, and the shapes make it a great toy to touch, hold and hug. Features two rings that make clacking sounds. It can be pulled down for music and motion, helping your child achieve audio and visual stimulation. It can be used to, both, soothe and entertain your baby. It helps your child develop hand eye coordination as well.

It can also be a very thoughtful gift for new parents.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Features a cute giraffe head and limbs
  • The toy features multiple shapes, colors and patterns that can help your child learn
  • Child-safe mirror to engage your baby’s attention
  • Knotty legs
  • Can be used as a teether as well
  • The shape and material are ideal for touching and snuggling
  • 2 clacker rings
  • Can be pulled down to play music and create motion (music and motion continues for 90 seconds)
  • Good for audio visual sensory development as well as hand-eye coordination
  • Shape makes it easy to carry and pack
  • Made of BPA-free materials
  • Can be attached to cribs, carriers, strollers and highchairs etc.
  • Can also be used for floor play time
  • Note: Some infants and toddlers may find the toy hard to pull down.

5. HABA Rattling Max Dangling Figure

This toy is surely a classic! The body bends to clack and make a soothing rattling sound. It is a great toy for babies aged 6 months and above. It features a ring that can be used to attach and grab other toys. You can also attach this toy to cribs, carriers, strollers, high chairs and shopping carts with ease. The multiple colors allow your baby to learn about different colors while promoting visual sensory development. They can even be attached to fabric using wooden clips that can be purchased separately. HABA uses beech wood that is sourced sustainably and the colors are water-based and solvent free.

The toys are designed and tested to meet strict toy safety protocols.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Bendable body
  • Clacks and rattles to soothe the baby
  • Meant for babies aged 6 months and above
  • Features a ring that can be used to attach other toys
  • Can be attached to cribs, strollers, carriers etc.
  • Multiple bright colors for learning and sensory development
  • Can be attached to fabric using wooden clips (Sold separately)
  • Made of beech wood
  • Sourced with responsibility and from sustainable forestry
  • Colors are water-based and solvent-free
  • Resistant to wear and tear – meant for prolonged use
  • The finished product and the materials used have been tested for safety – tested for impact, falls, tensile resistance, flammability, saliva and sweat resistance etc.
  • Meets or exceeds EU safety requirements

6. Infantino Tag Along Travel Pals

The Tag-Along Travel Pals features 3 different toys, ensuring that your baby doesn’t get bored too soon. There are 3 different animals and are easy to grab, hold and play with. Each toy has different features. The elephant toy features 2 click-clack rings and satin accents. The monkey ‘pal’ can also be used as a teether. The teether is BPA free. The giraffe crinkles and rattles to create different engaging sounds.

The toys are colorful and offer the opportunity to learn about different colors and animals. All 3 toys can be attached to car seats, strollers, baby gyms, car seats and more.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Can be used by newborns and older infants
  • Versatile
  • Features 3 different and compact toys that are easy to grab and play with
  • Elephant toy – 2 rings for clacking sounds and soft satin accents
  • Monkey toy – Features a BPA free teether
  • Giraffe toy – Crinkles and rattles to encourage the baby to bat and grab
  • Great for learning about colors and animals
  • Can be attached to car seats, strollers, baby gyms etc.
  • Can be put in a washer and dryer
  • They can also be cleaned with baby-safe soap and hang-dried
  • 3 toys for the price of 1 – great value for money
  • Multiple toys means the novelty won’t wear off easily

7. Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

This engaging spiral toy is the perfect gift for baby showers, and other celebratory occasions for new parents. It can be easily wrapped around car seat, stroller and crib bars. The Infantino Spiral Activity Toy features 4 different and delightful toys that are within your baby’s reach. It encourage batting and grabbing, helping you baby develop hand-eye coordination. It helps in the development of motor skills while teaching your child about colors and animals.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Incredible value for money – multiple toys, activities and features in the price of 1
  • Perfect gift for expecting or new parents
  • Features 4 different toys
  • Soft to hold and can engage both hands
  • Features a teether on one of the spirals
  • Features cows, bees etc.
  • Multiple colors and patterns
  • Plush fabrics and soft textures
  • Features a child-safe mirror as well
  • Click-clack rings and crinkly materials for the creation of engaging sounds
  • BPA free teether
  • Helps your baby with hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and learning about colors and animals
  • Suitable for a child aged between 0 and 12 months
  • Easily wraps around cribs, strollers and car seat barsM
  • There are no loose parts
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water or a wet towel
  • Available with multiple themes, colors, patterns and characters.
  • Note: This toy should not be put in a machine or a dryer.

8. VTech Baby-on-the-Move Activity Bar

The VTech Baby-on-the-move Activity Bar is an animal themed toy which encourages exploration and independent play through the multiple interactive animals. It features a bird, a cow and a lady bug, with each animal have different features and functions.

This ensures a diverse range of activities that ensure that your baby won’t get bored of the toy easily while ensuring that your baby’s audio and visual senses are stimulated. The toy features attachment straps that can be used to attach the toy to any car seat, carrier and crib. The toys requires 2 AAA batteries.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Animal themed toy that encourages exploration, curiosity and independent play
  • Multiple animals with unique features and functions
  • Cow – Pressing the cow’s button will play different phrases, songs and melodies (There are more than 45 sounds, phrases, songs and melodies)
  • Swinging the cow will activate the toy’s motion sensor which will result in more interesting sounds
  • Bird – The bird comes with a textured ring that is easy to grab and helps in the development of motor skills and hand eye coordination
  • Shaking the beads inside the bird will also produce engaging sound effects
  • Ladybug – The ladybug include a baby-safe mirror that improves self-awareness
  • Comes with attachable straps that allow the toy to be attached to car seats, cribs and carriers etc.
  • The straps are highly adjustable
  • Durable and safe construction
  • The toy is meant for prolonged use – it is recommended for babies aged between 0 and 36 months

9. Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch

The Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroller Arch features different animals, colors and plants and has a wide variety of functions and features. It can be attached to anything ranging from a crib or bassinet to a stroller and car seat using a universal attachment clip. It features 8 different activities to help with your baby’s learning and ensure multi-faceted development. It can teach your child about cause and effect.

There are many different toys within your baby’s reach. Each toy features fun and engaging textures that can grab and hold the baby’s attention. It offers great utility whether you’re at home or on the go.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Features many different animals, colors and plants
  • It has a universal clip that can be used to attach the arch to any crib, carrier or car seat
  • There are multiple activities that will entertain your child while ensuring learning and development
  • It teaches your child about cause and effect
  • It builds your baby’s cognitive and motor skills and improves hand eye coordination as well
  • The toys have different textures that keep your baby occupied – some toys are crinkled and can rattle
  • It features a non-toxic teether for your baby as well
  • There is a transparent sun prism
  • You can teach your child about animals, plants and colors
  • Features a child-proof mirror that improves the baby’s self-awareness – the baby can also play peek-a-boo alone
  • The arch is adjustable, allowing you to have control over the toys that the baby has access to – this also means that it is compatible with a growing baby
  • The toys are easy to grab, hold and bat
  • Can be used for newborns and older infants

10. ToyVelt Kick and Play Hanging Toy

The ToyVelt Kick and Play Hang is the, essentially, a play mat that you can drive with. It features multiple toys of different colors and shapes. The mat and toys are incredibly soft and ideally placed to encourage the baby to grab and hold. It features a kick and play function – the baby can kick the mat in order to play sounds. This is a great toy for sensory development, and cognitive and motor skills. It features Velcro straps that can be used to attach the hanging toy to the back of the driver or passenger seat,

Or to the front of the back seat – therefore, it can be used for rear facing as well as forward facing car seats.

Key Features and Benefits
  • It features a child-safe mirror that can help the baby’s self-awareness
  • It can also be used as a temporary play mat
  • There are multiple toys of different shapes and colors
  • It encourages the baby to use their hands and feet
  • The baby can kick the toy to play different sounds and music
  • This is a great toy for multi-sensory development
  • It can build the baby’s cognitive and motor skills as it encourages movement
  • It can be attached to the vehicle’s seats using Velcro straps
  • Ideal for rear and forward facing car seats

Toys – Safety Concerns and Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that travelling with a baby can be a stressful experience for everyone involved. But careful planning and management can make a difference. It is very important for you (parents) to stay calm and remember that the first priority is your baby’s safety. Deciding what toy to buy can depend on your budget, your preferences and your baby’s likes and dislikes. Regardless of what toy you choose to buy, it is important to ensure that the toy is safe to travel with. It is important to remember that, while driving, you will be unable to pay adequate attention to how a child handles a toys. So here are a few safety tips:

  • Check the toy label or packaging for age recommendations, usage instructions and the materials used in the making of the toy. Ensure that the materials are not flammable and are non-toxic.
  • Do not pack the toys in a plastic bag. Instead, use the car seat’s storage compartment (if applicable) or your own purse or bag.
  • In case of an accident, a toy is likely to act as a projectile – increasing the risk of injury for your baby. Therefore, you should try using toys that are soft or are secured in a way that they cannot injure your child.
  • Since your attention will be on driving, ensure that the toy does not pose a choking or strangulation risk.
  • Avoid toys with sharp and rigid edges.
  • If applicable, secure toy batteries in a way that they are inaccessible to the child.
  • Throwaway or repair broken toys.
  • Keep toys clean and germ-free. You should know if a toy can be machine washed or put in a dryer, or if it needs to be spot cleaned etc.
  • Avoid any toys that can distract the driver. For instance, toys that produce loud sounds can startle the drivers and increase safety risks.

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